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Inspired By The Pacific Coastline

Designed by Glenn Rescalvo, partner at Handel Architects, NEMA’s four linked apartment building towers range from 10 to 37 stories, painting a dynamic modern silhouette across the San Francisco skyline. Façades composed of multi-faceted glass and dark metal reflect the light of the sky and recall the silvery tones of the Pacific coastline. At street level, floor-to-ceiling glass retail storefronts make the new luxury apartment towers above appear as if they are floating. Residents of this new apartment building enter either of two private lobbies via large landscaped plazas on 10th Street.

Green From The Ground Up

This new luxury apartment building was designed to achieve LEED Silver Certification from the U.S. Green Building Council. NEMA is a responsible member of the San Francisco community thanks to a host of features that minimize NEMA’s environmental footprint and make everyday life better. From interiors designed with low-emitting and recycled materials to landscaped rooftops that minimize San Francisco’s urban heat island effect, NEMA is an environmentally-friendly luxury apartment building inside and out.

Welcome Home!

Nothing says “Welcome Home” like two 24/7-staffed lobbies that bring together Zen tranquility with mission control capabilities. From helpful staff to elegant design to high-tech amenities, NEMA’s North and South Lobbies create the perfect transition between your city and your private community.

NEMA’s residents enter the airy North Lobby via the public art plaza. A granite pathway leads from the curb through the glass doors, ultimately merging into the sculptural granite concierge desk. A floor-to-ceiling glass wall offers views of the plaza and brings in abundant natural light, creating a visual connection with the soothing green tones of NEMA’s outdoor landscaping. The intimate South Lobby, accessed via 10th Street, features a commissioned artwork inspired by NEMA’s slogan “Made In San Francisco.”

Step inside either apartment building lobby and you’ll find the mood is always resonant with the time of day: bright lighting and energetic background music in the early hours, soft lighting and chill tunes in the evening. Both building lobbies are equipped with digital device charging stations, digital touch screen messaging boards, and high-quality, reliable Wi-Fi coverage.

Residents and visitors of the new apartment building will feel at ease relaxing on an eclectic collection of new luxury furnishings sourced primarily from California-based companies and craftspeople. A mix of contemporary and stylized traditional sofas, chairs, and tables are finished in supple leather, exotic and reclaimed wood, and rich textiles. Floor, table, and pendant lamps complement the ambient lighting and create a cozy feeling.