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Deli Board comes to Mid-Market

Homemade soups, intimidating sandwiches and in-your-face sauces are coming to the NEMA neighborhood! Adam Mesnick is a guy from Cleveland who happens to make the best sandwiches in the city. He serves them out of his SoMa eatery, Deli Board, located at 1058 Folsom Street. The classic flavors of an East coast deli, and a left coast twist. Starting in August 2009 as a catering business in a small kitchen, Deli Board now specializes in handcrafted sandwiches, soups, salads and sauces made with fresh ingredients and lots of love.

This popular SoMa sandwich shop is expanding its reach to Mid-Market with a new location at 1077 Mission (between 7th and 6th), called The Board! The Board will be a physical manifestation of Deli Board’s daily online specials listing, offering a menu of rotating soups and sandwiches like the “board cheesesteak” (onion, white American cheese, Board sauce, and cherry peppers on an amoroso roll for $14) and the “a.sobel” (Romanian pastrami, kosher salami, turkey, white American cheese, muenster, cherry peppers, and thousand island dressing on a French roll for $17).

Eater SF shares that Deli Board’s menu has been in constant flux, with about 200 sandwich permutations offered over the last eight years. For the flurry of diverse influences from Jewish to Italian, Mesnick cites his native Cleveland. But by now, “Deli Board sandwiches have kind of matured,” and “there’s not much I can do except upset people [with changes],” Mesnick says.

Going forward, Deli Board will solidify its menu, while The Board will maintain an experimental style. Mesnick hopes to provide faster service and a lower price point at the new location: As he’s often reminded, Deli Board sandwiches are pricy, but hey, they’re humongous, and a good deal cheaper than other options on the the Eater 38, on which Deli Board holds a spot. At The Board, customers can expect “a Chicago style hot dog off a flat grill for 6 bucks, or a cheesesteak or a brioche breakfast sandwich with sausage egg and cheese for $11,” says Mesnick.

You will be assured top notch quality and phenomenal service so that your mouth will be asking for more Deli Board. On Instagram, he makes followers salivate by sharing the deli’s latest creations and the sensational food he eats all over town.

“The meat and bread combination we’ve got is really something special,” Mesnick tells Eaters SF, “I can say I’m an ordinary guy who created an amazing product.”

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Photo Credit: Deli Board on Instagram

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