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Join us at NEMA’s “Wall of Good Looks” on Aug 21st

August 18, 2016


We’re thrilled to announce the unveiling of the “Wall of Good Looks”, an interactive public art installation showcased along NEMA’s Market Street windows.  Grab your smart phones and a few friends to join us for some photo fun!  

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Tips For Working From Home

January 10, 2016

In today’s digital society, more and more people are working from home. When you live at NEMA, working from home couldn’t be any easier with residents enjoying a host of amenities making your life that much easier.  

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15 More Reasons to Join NEMA on Twitter

July 27, 2013

Twitter002NEMA is at the epicenter of San Francisco’s dynamic Mid-Market district, which is rapidly becoming a neighborhood defined by the intersection of technology, arts, entertainment, and culture.

We’re not just saying that. We’re helping to build that. In more ways than one. We’ve been busy curating some of our favorite neighborhood spots on twitter so that you can get the latest menus, promos, news and events in one easy to find location. Meet the NEMA Twitcierge, a list of 91 neighbors and counting.


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Spotify Amps up the Mid-Market Tech Epicenter

June 12, 2013


A key component to the development of San Francisco’s Mid-Market is the high density of global technology firms setting up shop in our neighborhood.  This vibrant district boasts high-tech neighbors which include Twitter, Yammer, Square and Dolby Labs.  The list doesn’t end there; more are making the move as well.  According to a recent article, NEMA will soon welcome Spotify to the Technology Epicenter, where Music for Every Moment will continue to rock-n-roll.


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Unique Tech Apps Only in San Francisco

May 16, 2013

While the food in San Francisco is generally delicious, many restaurants and stores don’t deliver. A handful of apps are changing up the situation. Caviar offers home delivery from a number of classic San Francisco restaurants including Chinatown icon R&G — which offers its signature plate of Dungeness Crab — prepared with either salt and pepper, black bean sauce or steamed with wine and egg, among other options.

Seamless delivers food from all over the City, neatly organized by zip code and cuisine. The site also posts ratings as well as staff favorites. Delivery is free, while Caviar has a $9.99 fee per order.


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Bike Barometer to Go Up on Market Street

May 9, 2013


The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) Board is about to install the City’s first Bicycle Barometer in the Mid Market area this Friday. It is intended to help promote San Francisco’s ever-growing interest in urban biking as everyday transit which is expected to hit one million annually.

It will digitally display the number of people in the bike lane, according to a SFMTA press release, as well as summarizing volumes for the day and the annual total. “As more and more San Franciscans are using a bicycle as part of their everyday commute, this visual bike counter will raise awareness of the positive impact bicycling has on traffic congestion, air quality and personal health,” said Ed Reiskin, SFMTA director of transportation in a recent SFMTA press release.