One space designated to calm and comfort you is your bedroom. Intelligently designed kitchens at NEMA San Francisco let you make the most of organic local farm deliveries, while spacious bathrooms with soaking tubs provide the ultimate retreat to relax at the end of a busy day. After a relaxing soak, bring the peaceful feeling into your bedroom by following these tips to create a relaxing space that will grant you a better night’s sleep and restore your energies.

Color It Calm. Color has a powerful effect on mood and energy, and the right hues can transform your bedroom into a relaxing retreat. When choosing the palette for a tranquil room, the best choices are shades of green and blue, followed by gray.

Bring in the Calming Scents. One of the best ways to set the tone for your bedroom is with fragrance. Certain scents, such as lavender, vanilla and chamomile, are said to promote relaxation. Keep an aromatherapy lotion, linen spray, oil diffuser, or fresh cut flowers on your bedside table to help you unwind at night.

Ditch the Electronics. The ding of a notification from your phone, tablet or computer can be super distracting and make you feel restless. Make it bedroom policy that electronic devices go off at least an hour before bedtime or keep them out of the room altogether.

Keep It Cool. Try cooler thermostat settings to see what feels most comfortable to you, as each person will vary. You don’t want to sweat or shiver in the middle of the night. The sleep experts recommend we think of our bedrooms as caves: quiet, dark and cool.

Lower the Light. The lighting in the room should be low wattage. When it’s time to relax, turn the lights down low enough to take the edge off, but bright enough so your eyes don’t need to strain.

Upgrade Your Bedding. Bedding plays a big role in sleep. Make sure every piece of your bedding is comfortable and clean, from the feel of the sheets and comforter to the firmness of your pillows. It should be so enticing and cozy that you can’t wait to get in.

Embrace the Quiet. Noises can also affect deep sleep cycles, even if you don’t remember waking. If you’re a light sleeper and especially sensitive to distracting noises, try using white noise to drown out the unwanted sounds.

Get Organized. A disorganized or cluttered space can distract you from drifting off and keep you from feeling relaxed. Put anything that belongs elsewhere in the house back in its proper place and cut down collectibles and artwork to just a few meaningful pieces.

Make your Bed Each Morning. A National Sleep Foundation survey found that people who regularly make their beds in the morning are more likely to get a good night's sleep.

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