Elements of the popular Entwined Meadow, from artist Charles Gadeken will now dazzle visitors to UN Plaza with changing light and color. The Entwined Meadow immersive LED light installation on JFK Promenade has been delighting San Franciscans since it first opened in 2020. The whimsical installation is an otherworldly ecosystem of glowing trees, bushes, and other natural elements created from colorful pixel-like LED lights. In years past, the trees ranged from 8-20 feet tall, accompanied by dozens of glowing flower clusters and bushes that created an otherworldly garden.

This year, the piece returned better than ever with a new iteration of the beloved installation. Entwined: Elder Mother centers around the Elder Mother tree. Standing at 30 feet tall and casting a 25-foot canopy of light that welcomes people to sit and enjoy its glow. Despite being made of metal, the new installation still moves with the wind while it glows. The Elder Mother tree is truly interactive, with 6 QR codes you can scan that allow you to control the light patterns of the tree.

Now, Entwined has expanded even further, reaching Downtown San Francisco. Elements of past Entwined installations have been added to UN Plaza. The glowing shrubs sculptures made with hundreds of LED lights have been added to UN Plaza. There are a total of 9 sculptures, standing between 4.5 and 5 feet tall. The installation is a welcome addition to the newly renovated plaza which opened only a few months ago. The plaza includes a free skating plaza, activities, and games designed to help invigorate the neighborhood.

“I am thrilled to be able to bring a little light, wonder, and magic to downtown San Francisco,” artist Charles Gadeken said.

Visitors can control the light radiating from each individual shrub from their smartphones as they stroll through the dynamic exhibit, which is designed to build a sense of magic and wonder. The lighting effects are inspired by nature. Raindrops, lightning, thunderstorms, windblown grass and leaves, and ripples on a pond are translated through color and duration. To control the shrub colors and radiation of light, look for the QR code at the various shrubs. Once scanned, the control panel for that shrub will pop up on your phone, allowing you to add your creative elements to the piece!

San Francisco Recreation & Parks Department notes, “Entwined Meadow brought so much joy and fun to Golden Gate Park, even during the height of the pandemic. We’re thrilled to add it to the vibrant mix of activities drawing people to UN Plaza,” said San Francisco Recreation and Park General Manager Phil Ginsburg.

Image Credit: Youtube

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