Rest easy boba enthusiasts, you can now satisfy those cravings steps from your door at NEMA San Francisco. We’re thrilled to welcome the simple and minimalistic style of SimplexiTea to the ground floor of our NEMA building at 12 10th Street! After launching a soft opening, this boba shop is now officially open and serving up your favorite fruity blends.

What’s in a name? The SimplexiTea partners combined the words ‘simple’ and ‘complex’ to form Simplexi because crafting up a cup of boba milk tea may seem simple but the drink theory behind it is rather complex. Bank, one of the SimplexiTea partners loves boba milk tea so much that he indulges in a cup after each meal! The partners aim to bring the newest hype in Asian boba industry to San Francisco.

“Be sure to order the Mango coconut milk. This is by far the all-time favorite in our store.” - SimplexiTea

Mango Coconut
Mango Coconut

Boba lovers can expect a cheese foam fruit blend, fresh milk drinks or brew tea variations. SimplexiTea uses organic tea and ingredients, working with local dairy suppliers and fruits to source the freshest, highest quality offerings.

SimplexiTea Signature Drinks include a seasonal SimplexiTea Fusion Fruit Tea, Mango Coconut Milk and Matcha Latte. The Cheese Foam Fruit Blend flavors include mango, strawberry, pineapple, orange or black grapes.

Fresh milk blends include a tasty Dirty Milk Boba and Matcha Dirty Milk Boba. Fresh Brew Tea are made with Organic Whole Milk, Almond Milk, Oat Milk, or made fresh daily Cheese Foam. Customers can add boba, lychee jelly, aloe vera and chia toppings to any drink.

SimplexiTea spent over 12 months curating the menu and fine tuning the recipes with the help of friends and families taste testing drinks and giving feedback. Their main focus is tea with selections of puree of organic fruits and toppings. They are working on new recipes daily and plan to add a new drink/series for every season (3 months) if not sooner.

*Secret Off-The-Menu Items: Mango Matcha fresh milk and strawberry matcha fresh milk. They also have a fruit "shaved ice" to say so long to summer. Get it while you can!

Current Hours: (with plans to extend the weekend hours in the future)

Monday - Friday: 11am - 7pm

Saturday - Sunday: 12pm - 5pm

SimplexiTea is excited to call NEMA home, have adventurous techie neighbors and reward them for their boba loyalty. They feature a reward system set up through Square Point of Sale System that is linked with your phone number. For NEMA residences, they’re offering a 20% discount and other neighbors a 10% discount.

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