“Don’t ever let someone tell you that you can’t do something. If you have a dream you need to protect it. When people can’t do something themselves they’re going to tell you that you can’t do it. If you want something, go get it, period!” That’s NEMA’s new Fitness Director, Kat Wooton’s, main mission statement for life.

We’re thrilled to welcome Kat to Team NEMA, bringing with her a strong background in Pilates and a journalism niche in fitness and health, she has a well-rounded approach to optimizing wellness for our residents.

“I use Pilates in everything that I do. My passion and career have centered around Pilates apparatus training—but that’s not all I do for my own personal training. If I’m training a client in a HIIT or weight training program I will still use all my Pilates principals: concentration, centering, precision, breathing, alignment. Also, my mentor, Rael Iscaowitz grilled it into my head, “Practice, Practice and More Practice!”

“At NEMA we have 11 classes on the schedule. We have all forms of fitness, stretch, strength and sweat! With the best instructors that are passionate about what they bring to our residents.”

If you’re looking to combine your workout with someplace scenic in San Francisco, Kat recommends Lands End “…My French Bulldog GiGi loves this walk!” Or venture further into nature to disconnect and reconnect with your body. “…my ultimate Nor Cal adventure is Yosemite. My husband and I have already been there 7-times in the last 9 months! We like to camp and climb all the big rocks. There is something magical and intense about it that I love.”

Get to know Kat a bit more…

What inspired you to begin a career in physical fitness?

I knew the exact time I got the fitness bug. I was around 5-years-old and my mom took me to the YMCA with her and sat me outside of her step aerobics class, this was in the early 90’s so you can imagine how great those classes were! I watched in awe of the Fitness Instructor, I thought she was beautiful, powerful, strong and talented—I knew what made me inspired and passionate about—Fitness! In school I went on to play volleyball and cross-country. During my 10-year stint in Los Angeles I graduated with a BA in Journalism and found myself immersed in the entertainment magazine world, my niche?… You guessed it! Fitness and health!

3 bits of advice for someone who’s never tried training are:

1. Don’t be intimidated, remember nobody was born knowing how to train correctly or how to properly lift up a weight—learning is the best part!

2. You WILL adapt. Give yourself time and love.

3. Know your goals! Do you want to loose, maintain or build muscle? Each form of training is different for each goal. This will also match you with the correct trainer for you.

Share a few fitness influencers you follow on Instagram with us:

Oh, boy, just three!? OK, here is my top. Dr. Rhonda Patrick, Alexia Clark and Courtney Miller Pilates.

Just for Fun
3 songs you’ll find on my workout playlist: David Guetta, Good Charlotte, Eminem
Strong Glutes are the new black.
Go Getters inspire me.
The athlete or fitness celeb I’d most like to train beside is: Angelica Teixeira. reigning Ms. Bikini Olympia 2x World Champ.

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