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NEMA Wheely Loves Bikes

September 14, 2013

BikeHave you heard of The Wiggle?  It’s bold.  It’s green.  And it’s right outside your soon to be new doorstep on Market Street!  The one mile, zig-zagging bicycle route from Market Street to Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, minimizes hilly inclines for bicycle riders and connects Market St. and downtown with Golden Gate Park, The Sunset and Richmond neighborhoods via the Panhandle, making a commute or quick cruise a breeze.  Also right outside NEMA’s doorstep (at 10th and Market) is a parking station for the City’s new bike-share program.

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Chocolate Lovers Descend on Ghirardelli Square Sept 14 and 15

September 12, 2013

chocolateLooking for some sweet fun this weekend? Experience San Francisco’s rich history by sampling your way to chocolate bliss. He may have not struck it rich in gold, but Domingo Ghirardelli was onto something in 1852. 160 years later, we continue to enjoy the fruits of his labor – Made in San Francisco; one square at a time. Head down to Ghirardelli Square as the 18th Annual Ghirardelli Chocolate Festival  returns to the city on September 14th and 15th.

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NEMA: Graham Gillmore Interview

September 9, 2013

GillmoreIn the spirit of supporting original art, NEMA commissioned Graham Gillmore to create a single monumental work for the south tower lobby inspired by the phrase “Made in San Francisco”. Best known for his vitriolic use of text as an art form within edgy and often controversial work, Graham balances between treacherous antipodes: pathos and wit, defiance and charm, and more basically, the anguish of experience and the rapture of its aesthetic expression. His work is shown in galleries from Milan to Mexico City and from New York to Vancouver. What you may not know is that this Canadian born artist who divides his time between New York City and Winlaw, BC, was part of the “Young Romantics” exhibition at the Vancouver Art Gallery – just 1-year out of art school. To this day he still credits his friends from art school as having had the most profound effect on his work.


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Four Great Excuses to Play Tourist for the Day

August 25, 2013

Asian-Art-MuseumIGOne of the best parts of living in a central neighborhood like Mid-Market is easy access to culture. Life is never dull when your neighborhood is full of ever changing exhibits, art shows and cultural venues. Expecting friends from out of town, or playing tourist for the day? We’ve made it easy for you to hit four of our favorite cultural destinations on a dime.

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Urban Doggies…Rejoice!

August 24, 2013

City-Pups-SFNEMA knows how important a four-legged, canine companion is in your life.  That is why we have a dog-friendly community, offering dog washing and grooming facilities on-site.  But there are those times, whether work or travel-related, when you need a bit of extra help with the care of Fido. City Pups SF to the rescue! Pet playtime, pet sitting and perfectly planned walks (e’hem, romps) on the beach all await your patient pooch. We caught up with Josh Boutelle who graciously took time from his canine packed calendar to share some insight into his company, City Pups SF.


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Meet Jennie, Office Coordinator at NEMA

August 19, 2013

jennieThree words to describe NEMA are:

New. Epic. Adventurous.

What’s your favorite place to grab lunch in the neighborhood and what would you order?

I love Ted’s Deli at 1530 Howard St, it’s a no nonsense deli counter where you can get a quick, but delicious sandwich. I’m a self-proclaimed sandwich snob and they have passed my test. I go for the Rich Boy on Dutch Crunch with extra pickles.


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NEMA Makes Mid-Market Headlines (Again)

August 11, 2013

NEMANEMA has been the talk of mid-market with many anxiously awaiting news and updates about our new apartment community.

A recent article describes the amenities, views and luxury finishes, with the main emphasis of the article focused on NEMA’s tech-forward features, a topic sure to resonate with mid-market’s high-tech workforce.


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A Musical MidMarket Venue

August 6, 2013

WarfieldThe Warfield, also known as The Warfield Theater, is a 2,300 seat music theater located at 982 Market Street in the midmarket district of San Francisco.  Impressive yet intimate, this music venue has been entertaining the bay area for over 90 years and is one of the more recognizable buildings in our neighborhood.


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Meet Our Sweetest Neighbor, Littlejohn’s Candies

July 31, 2013

littlejohnsWe all can appreciate the amazing foodie scene that San Francisco has to offer; the variety of culinary options is almost endless.  But what do you do when you find yourself with an overwhelming craving for something sweet? You know the feeling; a little sugar is all you need to rev up your busy day.

You are invited to press your face to the glass. Located in the heart of the midmarket district is a little gem of a sweet shop, Littlejohn’s Candies. Specializing in English Toffee, the shop offers a variety of old-fashioned and often hard-to-find sweets sure to please the most discriminating palate.

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15 More Reasons to Join NEMA on Twitter

July 27, 2013

Twitter002NEMA is at the epicenter of San Francisco’s dynamic Mid-Market district, which is rapidly becoming a neighborhood defined by the intersection of technology, arts, entertainment, and culture.

We’re not just saying that. We’re helping to build that. In more ways than one. We’ve been busy curating some of our favorite neighborhood spots on twitter so that you can get the latest menus, promos, news and events in one easy to find location. Meet the NEMA Twitcierge, a list of 91 neighbors and counting.


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Dig In and Give Back

July 25, 2013


Over the last few years the San Francisco plant-it-yourself movement has blossomed around the bay. Urban gardens have found a home on patios and perches, while vertical gardens have sprouted indoors.  Communal outdoor spaces have been highly amenitized to maximize enjoyment that once belonged to those with big backyards.

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