Roller skating is having a revival. Lace up your skates and roll through summer, bringing new styles with a spin on the classic moves at these outdoor skate spots.

Skatin’ Place in Golden Gate Park. For decades, people have been coming to the Skatin’ Place, a closed-off section of Sixth Avenue in Golden Gate Park, to roller-skate and roller-blade along to music. A vibrant new ground mural at the legendary Skatin’ Place in Golden Gate Park made its debut in June. The 28-foot by 93-foot oval mural, painted over asphalt and located between Sixth Avenue and John F. Kennedy Drive, was created by Bay Area artist and longtime Golden Gate Park skater Aimee (Bruckner) Stevland. Utilizing a vibrant color palette of yellow, orange, red, teal, and purple asphalt acrylic paint, the innovative design—titled Psychedelic Golden Gate Skate—pays tribute to the park’s roller-skating history, referencing the Golden Gate Bridge and featuring a roller skate in the center circle.

As David Miles, the founder of the Church of 8 Wheels known as the “Godfather of Skate,” says, “It’s as much a part of the park experience as going to the museum.”

“We love coming to watch the skaters! There is an area north of the main circle where you can warm up a bit and practice before you get going. Sunday's after 2pm, the party begins. Music is pumping and you may see a few choreographed group numbers going!” - L M., Yelp

Township Commons Boardwalk at Brooklyn Basin. The new Township Commons Park at Brooklyn Basin in Oakland has become the newest hotspot for roller skating lovers.

“Incredible transformation of the ancient Oakland 9th Ave terminal into a modern community park on the pier. There are open entertainment everyday, I've seen live bands, DJs playing music, lots of roller skaters, the floors are completely flat and lots of railings to learn to skate.” - Kay D.. Yelp

Hunter’s Point Shoreline. This stretch of shoreline is a wonderful place for roller skating. This area has been transformed from industrial use into a fantastic place for roller skating park.

Not ready for the big time and just getting ready to roll? Try one of Church of 8 Wheels classes to get you rolling.

Photo by Laura Stanley.

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