Level up your culinary skills at the Cookery Skola, just 0.7 miles from NEMA San Francisco. Saluhall’s Cookery Skola is an on-site cooking school tucked in the back of the 2nd floor. The Cookery Skola offers a wide palate of classes and something for all taste buds. Whether you’re a cooking novice or a seasoned home chef, the dedicated chef instructors and guest chefs are passionate about guiding you through the avenues of kitchen basics, classes on their legacy in Nordic baking, classes celebrating local produce and the generous seasons in the Bay Area, culinary techniques, and occasions that hail the joy of cooking. All classes are hands-on, led by experienced chef instructors, and available for private individuals, either solo or in groups.

The Cookery Skola stands on the shoulders and legacy rooted in MEYERS Madhus Copenhagen, Denmark—an institution with more than 20 years of experience hosting more than 20,000 guests a year, including home chefs eager to learn, baking enthusiasts, kids of all ages, and teams from blue-chip companies looking for a fun and engaging night out. Discover a world of flavors and techniques with their range of classes coming up:

July 10, The Nordic Cuisine Manifesto. In this class, simplicity meets sophistication, and nature inspires every dish. From classic recipes steeped in tradition to modern interpretations that showcase the innovative spirit of the Nordics, the chef will guide you through every step of the way.

July 12, Cardamom Swirls. Indulge your senses in freshly baked cardamom swirls' warm, comforting embrace. Enjoy a delightful two-hour class where you’ll learn the essential techniques of kneading, folding, and twisting to create these irresistible treats from scratch.

July 17, Roman Pastas: Carbonara and Cacio e Pepe. It can be difficult to get Carbonara or Cacio e Pepe perfect. Learn the secrets to making it perfect every time.

July 20, ¡Mexican Breakfast!. ¡Buen Provecho! Calling all breakfast enthusiasts and fiesta aficionados. Ditch the boring pancakes and embark on an exploration of Mexican cuisine focusing on delicious and fun breakfast staples. You'll learn the secrets behind these iconic dishes and create a brunch spread worthy of a celebration.

July 28, Ukrainian Summer Feast. Discover the summer flavors of Ukraine with this interactive class designed to teach you about all the region has to offer.

July 31, Tomatopalooza. This tomato-centric cooking class is your chance to celebrate their long-awaited return and unlock their full potential. Explore different varieties and how to use them to create flavor explosions on your plate.

August 4, Korean Pancakes. This exciting cooking class will equip you with the skills to prepare two iconic Korean pancake dishes: Kimchi Jeon (kimchi pancakes) and Bindaetteok (mung bean pancakes).

August 10, Pies Pies Pies. In this class, you’ll discover the art of making buttery, juicy pies filled with choice of summer’s finest fruit or classic American options like buttermilk custard, pecan or sweet potato.

August 17, Scandi Summer. This hands-on cooking class explores a Scandinavian feast with a Bay Area twist. Learn to create a menu perfect for relaxed gatherings, showcasing the best of seasonal ingredients with unexpected California flair.

August 22, Getting Started with Burmese Food. In this class, you’ll delve into the rich and diverse flavors of Burmese cuisine. You’ll learn to prepare five classic dishes, each showcasing the unique ingredients and cooking techniques that define Burmese food.

Photo Credit: Saluhall SF on Facebook

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