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Elevate your new normal to new heights.

The rare moment to live at NEMA is here with a variety of premium packages. Whether you are looking to move into the city, upgrade your San Francisco lifestyle, or are currently a NEMA resident, this limited-time offer has something for everyone. From relocation credits to personal training sessions to one year of free cable and internet, the Design Your Life opportunity is our way of saying “Thanks” to those still residing in the Bay Area. Because we believe good things come to those who stay.

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Your home is your office. Here, we aim to elevate both.

12 months cable/internet credit *up to $100 per month

Echo Dot & Tile Mate Tracker

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Because happiness is always best when shared

$1,000 donation to the local charity of your choice

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A sound mind and body deserves a sound lifestyle

6 Personal Training & 3 – 60 minute Massage Sessions

Fitness Cooling Towel, Fit Tracker, NEMA Yoga Mat, & NEMA Glass Water Bottle

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You can move in and move up

Credit toward movers or relocation expenses *up to $1,000

Bottle of Wine & NEMA Glasses

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