Chances are, if you’ve never been to San Francisco, CA, you still probably have an idea of what the city looks like. Its scattering of Tetris-aligned buildings, sea of water surrounding its borders and its iconic Golden Gate Bridge have been featured in everything from photographs to films to classic TV shows like Full House. Only sitting on about 47 square miles of land, the City by the Bay is considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

As with any metropolis, construction seems to never end as new buildings join the neighborhoods and old ones get restored. While it’s hard to find anyone who was actually born in SF these days, most who live there hold a strong value on being a local (most claiming so after two months of residency). Maybe this spirit is what NEMA, a Crescent Heights® inspired community, had in mind when it announced its plans for a full-service rental district at 10th and Market. The company’s design will focus strongly on a Northern California feel with reflections of its surroundings. The entire architectural makeup and host of amenities will reflect a true San Franciscan lifestyle.

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